We minimize the risk of launching a flexible workspace.

How can we support you?

Evelo assesses flexible workspace plans, spaces, and communities utilizing known data and best practices in coworking. The result is a customized plan for growth and sustainability of coworking sites from concept to launch and beyond! We offer three programs;

  • Coaching (if you’re exploring the possibility of creating a flexible workspace)
  • Business feasibility report (if you’re looking to validate a flexible workspace business concept)
  • Launch (if you’re committed to executing a space)


Our System & Methods

We interact directly with your management team throughout the process.


Our expertise reduces your lead time by eliminating the flexible workspace learning curve.

We use a comprehensive assessment to design a launch sequence for your open work model that is catered specifically to your organization.


  1. Define desired outcomes.
  2. Create a launch sequence.
  3. Identify program participants.
  4. Assemble engagement techniques.
  5. Deliver open work strategy.


Our on-site presence and engagement lowers the barrier of entry for participants.

Our hands-on strategic program is designed to facilitate engagement and collaborative buy-in among the participating personnel.


  1. Organize an openwork program.
  2. Interview participants.
  3. Establish collaboration.
  4. Generate status updates.
  5. Provide measurement requirements.


We produce metrics based on engagement that justify your proof of concept.

We utilize customized tools for measuring the success and productivity of the program with metrics that pinpoint future opportunities.



  1. Identify critical metrics.
  2. Implement virtual tracking software.
  3. Onboard participants.
  4. Monitor data points.
  5. Present findings and next steps.

Want to know more?

Please use the calendar below to schedule a time for a discovery call about your flexible workspace concept.