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Expert Guidance for the Successful Launch
or Improvement of your Flexible Workspace

Personalized Advisory

Looking for strategic planning, implementation, or improvement – as you need it?

Please use the calendar below to schedule a time for a discovery call.

A Systemized Approach to Workspace Sustainability

Evelo Agency provides professional educational resources to empower organizations looking to move toward an open work concept with proven, actionable steps to launch, grow and sustain their initiatives. We have developed a customized system, designed to guide and support you to produce sustainable and profitable coworking communities.

Custom One-on-One Coaching

The coaching program begins with an assessment to gauge your current position with regard to coworking or open workspace implementation. Based on this assessment, our team will pinpoint and prioritize action steps to directly address your needs. What follows is a series of private Coworking Strategy & Planning Sessions that will result in clear direction on how to evaluate, launch, or manage your open workspace project. In addition to one-on-one virtual coaching sessions, you will have access to unlimited email and cell phone support, as well as check-in, accountability, and progress-report sessions. Should you wish to work with us in person, on-site travel arrangements can be added to your coaching program for an additional fee. You can also access additional Evelo Agency team members for a pre-set hourly rate.


Our engagement includes the following, as needed:

  • Expert guidance to avoid potential pitfalls and reduce time to launch
  • Your own working documents, which includes tools that ensure methodical structuring of your shared workspace concept.
  • Definition and implementation of a community culture.
  • Strategies and recommendations for utilizing efficient, cost-effective business resources.
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins to track progress.
  • Definition of key positions and internal roles, using our Coworking Participation Model, and support for structuring your interview process.
  • Direction, management, and oversight for your project.

“The Evelo Agency team helped me hone and develop my business concept while walking me through the process to get to opening day. Chris helped me build a framework of profit for my business so I could make money from day 1. This crew is super helpful, highly skilled, thorough, professional, and kind to work with. I’m sitting in my business right now that wouldn’t exist without this program.”

Emily Britton-Arnold

Owner, Mio Creativo - Peoria, IL

Frequently Asked Questions 

What other work are you doing for companies beyond the feasibility stage?

  • The most common engagement following the feasibility report is the launch coaching program, which is available on an as-needed basis.
  • We also continually manage programs that we create during clients’ launch programs. These are typically ongoing operations-support and data-collection services that we offer on a custom, as-needed basis.

Will you provide analysis of a potential use of our space(s) and guide our marketing?

  • Yes, we will work with you to identify the best use case for any (and all) available spaces in the form of a floor plan arrangement, as well as, a marketing strategy for this unique layout.
  • A marketing strategy must be catered to a targeted demographic of individuals, or the funding allocated (and/or used) will be wasted on unknown and undefined demographics who will, unlikely, convert into paying customers.
  • We have extensive branding experience and it should be noted that we highly recommend waiting until you have done a proper feasibility report, and completely understand your local target audience prior to investing in marketing, branding or physical space. It can (and should) take weeks, to clearly identify an effective brand and marketing strategy in conjunction with data, interviews and feedback from your demographic(s).

Will you show us how to encourage physical interaction between companies entrepreneurs?

  • The physical interaction between members in coworking spaces is facilitated through programming, and it is the responsibility of your community manager(s) to encourage members to interact with one another. During our launch program we work with clients to produces policies and procedures (that include training for community managers) and creating programming specific to the demographic(s) you’ll cater to.
  • We have seen many spaces fail because they focus on designing physical environments that are supposed to make people interact, only to find out that these very expensive spaces lack a human element. Without specific programming (and a community manager) to bring people together, the spaces themselves will be ineffective at facilitating physical interaction.
  • Once we confirm the flexible workspace models you will use for in your facility, specific events can be designed (on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis) to add more value to memberships, while defining membership tiers.