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Should your workspace be an Incubator? A co-op?
Community Coworking? Maybe a hybrid.

Flexible Workspace Model Assessment

The reality of demographics is that nothing to which you currently have access is sufficiently granular to empower informed decision-making. 
Most coworks are guessing. You don’t have to.

Eliminate Guess-Work
with a Definitive Recommendation.

Don’t rely on industry-wide trends to determine the specifics of your workspace. Without insight into the unique community from which you wish to attract tenants, you’ll be flying blind and taking on enormous risk. Evelo’s innovative proprietary app takes the guesswork out of choosing a shared workspace model by getting inside the heads of members of your target market and using the data collected to inform your business model. The result is a profitable and sustainable workspace that elevates members to the role of ambassadors.

Data-Driven Model Selection: This is Ph.D. analysis. 

To launch a successful Shared Workspace, it is crucial to identify, understand, and cater to the people who typically use Flexible Work and coworking facilities while differentiating yourself with a unique model. After identifying the makeup of your local market, Evelo Agency uses a matrix we have compiled over our last 13 years in the coworking industry to identify a coworking “business case” for your particular project. This tool was custom-built by our internal systems architect and produces a result, using an algorithm created and backed by a team of statisticians (outside of the Evelo Agency). We call this tool the Flexwork Profile Gauge (FPG), and it identifies a Flexible Work use case unique to your project, location, and company. The outcome provided by this tool pinpoints the specific models – out of 10 potential Flexible Work models — that align most with our assessment of your local, competitive coworking landscape and your ideal position within it.

Choosing the right model is Step 1.

The Model Assessment is just the first of many ways Evelo Agency engineers success into its clients’ efforts. To vet every aspect of your concept, address every vital consideration, and leave nothing to chance, a full Evelo Feasibility Report is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What data is available for understanding coworking users and statistics?

  • In our feasibility studies we draw our conclusions from the most reliable coworking industry reports and also produce our own, unique data specific to your project. We gather this information using a custom version of an App we developed in-house, to provide you with the most accurate data, specific to this industry and your project.
  • Use caution doing your own research as information available online rarely presents information about coworking closures, or how many companies and individuals overcommit financially when opening a space lose annually.

With so few sources for information about coworking how do we draw conclusions to understand if this is a viable business for our company or organization?

  • It’s important to understand that it is difficult to draw a conclusion from current data because the terms coworking and flexible office are often mixed together and used interchangeably by well-reputed corporations operating in the property and real estate industry.
  • Mixed definitions in current data make accurate numbers difficult to uncover. This is why our recommendations and outlines are backed by sources that use consistent industry definitions.
  • We have created an approach for our clients that incorporates coworking and flexible workspace concepts in order to minimize your risk and diversify your portfolio by adding flexibility into your project.

Redefining the Global Workplace

At the Evelo Agency, our processes produce measurable results that minimize the risk of implementing an open work concept.

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