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We provide research-informed Flexible Workspace guidance.

One of the most confusing aspects of the coworking industry is the lack of specific standards for defining different forms or models of flexible work. At large, coworking consultants perpetuate this lack of delineation by sticking with the non-specific term “coworking.” This leads real-estate organizations and other stakeholders to conflate coworks, incubators, and shared offices as having a common business model when they’re actually distinct manifestations of flexible work with unique and nuanced characteristics. In practice, each highly nuanced flexible work business concept is unique in audience, physical traits, and profit potential.

How do we define Flexible Workspace?

At Evelo Agency, we embrace differentiation and acknowledge the many different ways in which organizations refer to and define coworking or flexible workspace. We support our clients by helping them to understand the differences between these models and to help them define which single or hybrid model is best suited to their unique circumstances.

Consulting Options for Flexible Workspace Ventures

The work of launching a successful coworking community or open workspace begins long before ground is broken or renovations begin. Unfortunately, many organizations with quick access to real estate don’t seek consulting until their built-out shared workspaces fail to meet sales benchmarks or generate projected revenue. Evelo Agency’s consulting options were designed to empower proactive companies and organizations to test their coworking concepts in the ideation phase, base build-out and marketing decisions on market realities, and build for success.

Comprehensive Consulting

Our all-inclusive, customized approach can take your flexible workspace idea from concept through commercialization. The chart below diagrams our modular system and identifies the areas of value you can expect to be addressed across Evelo Agency’s service offerings.

Our Consulting Options

We offer three consulting solutions that serve a variety of coworking needs.


Have you wondered whether coworking could be a viable business in your vacant or underutilized properties? The Evelo Flexible Workspace Model Assessment is an inexpensive, low-risk way to see a rough viability assessment of your property. Our unique Model Assessment begins with data collection via Evelo’s proprietary app to pinpoint the workspace needs of your market. Comparative financial modeling gives you a realistic projection for multiple flexible work scenarios at your potential location. By combining our data with the specifics of your real estate, your vision & industry reports, we deliver workspace models likely to make your venture a success.


The cornerstone of our consulting work, Evelo Agency’s flexible workspace feasibility report is a robust, comprehensive assessment of the business realities facing your coworking concept. The end deliverable is a roadmap – a very detailed, nuanced business plan – to guide audience targeting, space allocation, floor plans, amenities development, membership tiers, community cultivation, financial projections, and much, much more. The result is minimized risk and the empowerment of your team to allocate resources and make critical decisions confidently based on accurate location-specific data.


Not ready to go it alone? Strategically address every element from concept through commercialization via our custom one-on-one coaching program. With our guidance, you will delve into your desired market to ensure you understand its dynamics, customer segmentation, competitive playing field, and your own internal capabilities so that you can launch a profitable coworking community. A seasoned coworking expert joins your team to guide planning, launch, and operations.


Want more information about our coworking consulting options?

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Which coworking model is the right fit for you?

 Check out Chris Cooley’s TEDx talk below to understand two major types of coworking before you dive into the industry!

“I knew I needed guidance for my startup coworking space to be profitable and was thrilled to find the Coworking Consulting program offered by the Evelo Agency. They helped me identify my unique culture and coupled it with sound business practices to successfully launch our incredible community. Working with them was the best investment I have made and my cowork is full because of their support. Most importantly, they became part of my team!”

– Sheila Long | Owner, MalamaDoe – Coworking for Women