We provide coworking guidance.

How do we define Coworking?

We embrace differentiation and acknowledge that there are many different ways that organizations define coworking. At the Evelo Agency coworking is a defined community of people who achieve greater degrees of efficiency and connectedness by utilizing shared amenities and flexible spaces (either virtual or physical). If you align with this please continue:)

What We Do

Our all-inclusive, customized process takes your coworking idea from concept through commercialization. The chart below diagrams our modular system and identifies the value you’ll receive during each of our steps.

Our Consulting Options

We offer three consulting options that serve a variety of coworking needs.


This is a six-week program.

Our private coworking strategy program is designed to assess your coworking plan, space, and community to determine best practices. The result of our collaboration is a customized plan for growing your concept while avoiding pitfalls.


This is a three-month program.

With our guidance, you will delve into your desired market to ensure you understand its dynamics, customer segmentation, competitive playing field, and your own internal capability so that you can launch a profitable coworking community.


These are exclusive sessions

This program is for individuals who currently run or own a coworking space. You must qualify to participate in this program. Please apply by submitting an email inquiry to our team at team@coworkingconsultants.com.


Want more information about our coworking consulting options?

Please use the calendar below to schedule a time for a discovery call about your open workspace concept.

Which coworking model is the right fit for you?

 Check out Chris Cooley’s TEDx talk below to understand the two major types of coworking before you dive into the industry!

“I knew I needed guidance for my startup coworking space to be profitable and was thrilled to find the Coworking Consulting program offered by the Evelo Agency. They helped me identify my unique culture and coupled it with sound business practices to successfully launch our incredible community. Working with them was the best investment I have made and my cowork is full because of their support. Most importantly, they became part of my team!”

– Sheila Long | Owner, MalamaDoe – Coworking for Women