Redefining the Global Workplace

At the Evelo Agency, our processes produce measurable results that minimize the risk of implementing a flexible work concept.

The Evelo Agency caters to innovative organizations that are looking to make a transition to flexible work practices.

We define flexible work as…

Modular, flexible, and activity-based team configurations that achieve greater degrees of efficiency and cost-optimization within organizations, to achieve peak participant performance.

Minimize Risk 

Our systems and methods cater to the rapidly changing global workforce.

Interested in learning about coworking?

Check out the TedX video below and the Chief Innovation Officer (Chris Cooley) of Evelo will educate you about the specifics of coworking.

Implement Concept

We assist you in making an organizational transition to open work practices.

What type of space should you create?

Check out the TechoCon video below and the CEO of Evelo (Billy Rue) will educate you about different types of flexible workspaces.


Would you like more information?

Please use the calendar below to schedule a time for a discovery call
about your coworking or flexible workspace concept.