We offer an empowering approach to coworking.

Coworking Consultants consistently elevate organizations by providing industry insight and professional, personal guidance.

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Look at some of our past successes.

Port 100

  • Geneva, New York
  • City / Municipality
  • 2,000 / 12,000 Square Feet
  • 12 Members (maximum)


  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Private
  • 3,500 Square Feet
  • 32 Members (maximum)

Carlson Cowork

  • Rochester, New York
  • Real-Estate Management
  • 16,000 / 800,000 Square Feet
  • 70 Members (maximum)

Why do we exist?

Our mission is to provide professional, educational resources that empower coworking communities with proven, actionable steps to launch, grow and sustain their businesses.

Community Building & Shared Space Guidance

Coworking Consultants provides 40+ years of experience in building businesses. We leverage 10+ years of specialized experience in the national and international coworking industry. Using proprietary methods, Coworking Consultants guide clients through comprehensive, collaborative, sustainable community building processes. We operate as part of the clients’ executive structure, assisting in the implementation of their vision from concept to commercialization.

Services We Provide;

  • Expert industry guidance and support
  • Direction, management and oversight
  • Definition and implementation of your individual community culture
  • Articulation of key positions using our Coworking Participation Model
  • Proprietary working documents found in our Coworking Consultants Playbook
  • Identification of a public and internal voice for your project and all aspects of your community
  • Regularly scheduled check-ins to track your progress
  • Associations with and connections to affiliate resources
  • Strategies and recommendations for utilizing efficient, cost-effective business tools

Our strategically designed focus groups encourage collective interaction from participants, which generates organic collaboration. The video above is a sample of our interactive guidance.

Accolades & Recognition

TedX Speaker

Chris Cooley talks about the difference between real-estate and community coworking models and how coworking plays a role in all of our lives.

USA Today

The Coworking Consultants were featured as specialists in an article written about the best coworking spaces to travel to and work from. Our national and international connections make us a resource for many media outlets, companies, academic researchers and coworking industry contemporaries.

Local Coworking

Coworking Consultants are progressive leaders who guide projects in local communities around Upstate New York and in other midsized markets.

Skills & Resources

  • Cultural development
  • Strategic operations & sales
  • Public speaker & educator
  • Community management
  • Event & program planning
  • Branding & website design
  • Seed-funding & venture capital
  • Social media & marketing automation
  • Security & access systems
  • Legal & intellectual property
  • Business plan development & creation
  • Demographics & statistical data collection
  • Community management systems & software
  • Virtual & telecommunications technology
  • Business planning & development
  • Human resources and sales force training & policy developmentpment
  • Partnerships, sponsorship outreach, networking, promotion & press (local, national, international)
  • Interior & environmental planning

Are you an innovative entrepreneur with a coworking concept?

Validate your plan with consultants who’ve traveled the world and launched multiple successful coworking spaces over the past 10+ years! Our Private Coworking Strategy & Planning program is designed to assess your coworking plan, space and community to determine best practices for making your cowork sustainable and profitable. This type of support is catered specifically to your timeline and needs. The process will empower you, save you time and lower your risk by using our collaborative, customized methods and resources. This entire process is designed specifically for you and your success. Set up a time to chat with us about your needs and how we can support you.

Are you a progressive organization looking to build a culture?

Our team has established powerful, collaborative cultures in and around the global coworking industry. When you use our Coworking Consulting services, we become your executive team. We will implement your vision, handling every aspect of the project by providing management, training, policy development, recruitment of members and much more. This service is a responsible, actionable way for you to fill your vacant spaces with coworking. We collaborate with you to guide your coworking concept to commercialization while empowering you as a leader in the business of coworking. Please connect with us to have an in-depth discussion about your project and needs.