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Our services provide all-inclusive, customized support that takes your coworking idea from concept through commercialization.

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Are you an innovative entrepreneur with a coworking concept?

Validate your plan with consultants who’ve traveled the world and launched multiple successful coworking spaces over the past 10+ years! Our Private Coworking Strategy & Planning program is designed to assess your coworking plan, space and community to determine best practices for making your cowork sustainable and profitable. This type of support is catered specifically to your timeline and needs. The process will empower you, save you time and lower your risk by using our collaborative, customized methods and resources. This entire process is designed specifically for you and your success. Set up a time to chat with us about your needs and how we can support you.

Are you a progressive organization looking to build a culture?

Our team has established powerful, collaborative cultures in and around the global coworking industry. When you use our Coworking Consulting services, we become your executive team. We will implement your vision, handling every aspect of the project by providing management, training, policy development, recruitment of members and much more. This service is a responsible, actionable way for you to fill your vacant spaces with coworking. We collaborate with you to guide your coworking concept to commercialization while empowering you as a leader in the business of coworking. Please connect with us to have an in-depth discussion about your project and needs.

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“The Coworking Consultants helped us understand aspects of coworking and business development that we didn’t even know we didn’t know! This team is efficient and effective. They quickly entered the scene and helped us assemble an amazing coworking business structure with policies and procedures that ultimately fostered the creation of a work environment and culture built on one principle — community first.”

– Matt Horn | City Manager, City of Geneva, New York – Port 100